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Does Butterfleye offer cloud subscription storage?
  • Every camera has 12 hours of free video storage in the cloud.
  • $4.99/month fee for unlimited number of cameras with 7 days of history on the cloud.
  • $14.99/month fee for unlimited number of cameras with 30 days history on the cloud.
In addition, all Butterfleye cameras are equipped with internal (on-camera) storage for many hours. In the event of an internet disconnection or a weak-signal, important events are still recorded. There is no extra charge for internal (on-camera) storage.
What is Butterfleye?
Butterfleye is the World’s Smartest Camera. Mainly used for home or office security, it also serves as the most advanced monitoring system in the world due to its integrated Activity Based Recording and infrared technology.
What can I use Butterfleye for?
To keep an eye and ear on anything of value to you. The most common use cases are security, child monitoring, pet monitoring, and elderly care.
What is ABR?
Activity Based Recording is our patented technology that makes Butterfleye smart. By only recording when something happens, it prevents resources like power and bandwidth from being wasted. You will save money because footage of an empty room will not be sent to your cloud storage.
Is Butterfleye portable?
Yes, Butterfleye is the only wireless solution that is rechargeable. It will last 2-3 weeks on a single charge. You can also keep the device plugged in and never worry about recharging Butterfleye.
Do I need an internet connection to use Butterfleye?
For live view and for uploading videos, Butterfleye needs a WiFi connection. Butterfleye also has built-in storage, enabling it to record events if its connection is interrupted, and upload them when a connection becomes available. Butterfleye can also connect directly to your smartphone without needing an internet connection.
What are exact measurements of Butterfleye?
94mm x 76mm x 38mm. It is about the size of a bar of soap.
Does the camera record audio as well as video?
Yes. You can also use the smartphone app to talk to people in the same room as your Butterfleye.
How is Butterfleye different from your competitors?
It has no false alarms, which is the #1 complaint with your average security camera. Butterfleye is simple to set up and use. Butterfleye is truly a wireless solution for those areas where it is hard to find power outlets, and will still work if your power and or internet goes out, by storing footage and uploading it later.
How long does the battery last?
2-3 weeks. It is rechargeable, or you simply keep your device plugged in and not worry about recharging it ever.
How do I connect Butterfleye to my WiFi?
Just select the desired network and enter the WiFi password via Butterfleye app.
What kind of connection speed does Butterfleye require?
Butterfleye requires at least 1 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed. Most conventional connections should work just fine.
What are the different LED colors and what do they mean?
  • Blue blink - Video recording
  • Blue solid - "Find & Identify" button pressed in the app
  • Green blink 3x - Camera is turning on
  • Red blink 3x - Camera is turning off
  • Red blink continuous - Battery is 20% or lower
  • Red solid - Error
  • Amber blink continuous - Internet not available
  • Amber blink 3x - Camera was plugged in (ONLY when camera is on)
  • Purple blink continous - Upgrade in progress

Smartphone App

How do I access the videos?
Butterfleye automatically uploads videos to the cloud. They can be accessed through the Butterfleye smartphone app.
Does the Butterfleye app run on iOS and Android?
Only an iOS app is available for now.
What is the quality of the video?
Stream quality depends on your connection quality, but Butterfleye will always record in HD.
Do I need a computer for setup?
No, Butterfleye only needs its smartphone app for setup or for changing settings.
How am I notified when my battery is low?
Butterfleye will blink red and you will also get a notification on your phone.
How many Butterfleyes can I control?
Currently you can control up to 10 cameras with one app.


How much will Butterfleye cost?
$199.00 pre-order, $250.00 MSRP
Is Butterfleye hard to set up?
Just download the Butterfleye app, unbox the camera, turn it on, and connect it to the internet via the Butterfleye app.
Will Butterfleye charge a fee for cloud service?
No, but we do have extended cloud services for a small fee.
What kind of warranty do you provide?
Defective devices will be replaced.
What is your policy for refunds?
You have 30 days after your Butterfleye has been received to return it for full refund.