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A Brief History of Monitoring in the Modern Age

It is so much more than just a security guard watching a closed-circuit television that records hours of empty footage. The Butterfleye is the latest step-change in the Monitoring Category.

Scroll down to see more about the evolution of the monitoring category, and the technological changes that have taken place!

Monitoring cc

Closed-Circuit Cameras (CCTV)

  • Fully-wired system (Coaxial & Dedicated Power)
  • Low quality video (320x200 resolution)
  • Requires a security guard to monitor footage
  • Extremely expensive data backup (Tape recorders/VCRs!)
Monitoring ip

IP Cameras

  • Still (!) fully-wired system (CAT-5 & Dedicated Power)
  • Higher bandwidth and video quality (640x480), but still not HD
  • Introduction of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) to store footage
  • Professional technician required to set up and configure for remote access
Monitoring webcam

Internet Webcams

  • Requires a full computer to work
  • Simple consumer setup - but no remote connectivity
  • No mobile integration
  • Insecure connections that can easily be hacked
Monitoring consumer

Consumer Monitoring

  • For the first time, units focused solely on monitoring
  • Key focus initially: ease of setup
  • Records 24/7 and has no smart notifications
  • Still requires wired setup and power
  • With dropped connections, you drop moments
Monitoring butterfleye

The Future


  • Completely wireless, no cords needed for operation
  • Smarter technology, leading to smarter notifications
  • Footage that you actually want to see
  • 1 day free cloud storage