Start Monitoring

Only Butterfleye Streams and Records - Wirelessly

Never compromise because of cords. With two-weeks of battery life, you will never miss a moment with Butterfleye. Full HD live-streaming combined with the flexibility to place your Butterfleye anywhere.

Video as a Sensor

Every monitoring camera owner knows that those annoying notifications are a waste of your time. Only Butterfleye combines superior on-board sensors, video analytics, and processing power to deliver notifications you want. Not annoyances you don't.

Free Cloud Storage

For those moments that matter, we provide one free day of rolling cloud storage so that you never miss a moment. Never get nickel and dimed - that day is yours for life.


Tech compare bf Tech compare drp Tech compare can
Cloud Service 12 hours free, $4.99/month, unlimited cameras $9.95/month + $5.95/month per extra camera 12 hours free, $9.95/month + $5.95 per extra camera
No False Alarms Check orange
Cordless Check orange
Cord Check orange Check grey Check grey
Face, Human, and Pet Detection Check orange Check grey
Connects to Amazon Echo Check orange
Simple Installation Check orange Check grey Check grey